Upcoming Events

2019-2020 HALO Events and Goals

Jessica Piedra 

Join HALO in discussion with attorney Jessica Piedra about current Missouri legislation barring DACA students from going to college.

April 11, 7-8pm at Baldwin Hall Room: 114 


Salsa Lessons

Salsa is one of the world’s most famous dances. A spicy blend of Cuban and African influences, Salsa is a fantastic style for dancers just starting out

Join HALO for a night filled with Music and Fun!! Details are to come!

April 18 

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Hispanic Recruitment

Hispanic/Latino students at Truman State University make up less than 3% of the population on campus and HALO wants that number to increase. This coming school year we will work closely with MAP’s Hispanic Recruitment Division in recruiting more domestic Hispanic and Latino students to Truman.